Evgenia Pekarskaya

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Evgenia Pekarskaya, the CEO of Supercool Metals, has 16 years of experience in development and commercialization of early-stage technologies, including bulk metallic glasses and other advanced materials, in aerospace, oil and gas, and electronics. Her prior affiliations include Lux Research, ExxonMobil, Caltech, Cambridge University and UMass Amherst. She has a broad industry network and an extensive start-up knowledge and experience.

Jan Schroers

Chief Technical Advisor

Prof. Jan Schroers, the co-founder and the Chief Technical Advisor of Supercool Metals, is the world leader in BMG processing. Jan has pioneered thermoplastic forming methods, which generated a great interest from the industry. Prior to his tenure at Yale University, he worked at Caltech and Liquidmetal Technologies. He has extensive relationships within the watch and metal manufacturing industries in Europe and the Far East.

Miriam Schroers

Chief Marketing Officer

Miriam Schroers, the co-founder and the Chief Marketing Officer of the company, is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of work experience. She has a strong background in marketing, operations and technology start-ups, having worked previously at Amazon and several start-ups, one of which was bought by Microsoft.

John Chay

Process Engineer

John Chay is a certified Precision Machining Instructor who has taught for over 25 years at the secondary and post-secondary levels. He was a machinist for Air Products & Chemicals, Victaulic Corp. of America, and Fuller Co. He has worked as a professional photographer, specializing in bicycle racing, and designed and machined parts/ tools for vintage BMW motorcycles.

Jason Sagaci

Process Engineer

Jason Sagaci is a graduate of Parson’s School of Design and Alfred University, and holds teaching certifications in both fine arts and metal manufacture. He has over 20 years experience as a craftsman, designer, and fabricator in metals and many other materials. He has run his own business designing and making unique products to enhance and beautify everyday life– from kitchenware, reproduction Japanese weaponry to custom parts for vintage Japanese motorcycles. He brings his R&D and manufacturing expertise to bring Supercool Metal’s vision to life.


John Dexheimer


John Dexheimer brings a background of 30 years in corporate finance and venture investing in emerging growth firms having participated on over 100 completed public and private company financings and mergers in electronics, software, communications, and materials. He has extensive history as a GP and LP in several venture capital funds and as advisor to portfolio firms for many of the largest, established investors in technology sectors.