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SuperCool Metals

Supercool Metals commercializes bulk metallic glasses (BMGs), an exciting class of materials that offer unique properties and superior processability. BMGs, also called Liquidmetals or amorphous metals, look like ordinary metal solids at room temperature. Yet they are stronger than steel and can easily be shaped like plastics via sustainable thermoplastic forming.

What sets Supercool apart from other BMG companies is our focus on sheets as a versatile feedstock material. These sheets are easily processed, allowing customers to fabricate complex shapes with precision and ease. The processing method is based on recent scientific discoveries by Jan Schroers, a Yale University professor of mechanical engineering and materials science. His findings enable green manufacturing by deforming BMGs under very low forces and relatively low temperatures.

Supercool Metals transforms BMGs into affordable, standardized industrial material at low technology switching costs for customers.

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For all inquiries please email us at evgenia@supercoolmetals.com